March 30

5 Simple Rules for Organizing



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Organizing Rules

Of course there are rules for organizing!

They make the whole process of organizing – and keeping things organized – so much easier.

5 Simple Rules for Organizing

I’m sure if you looked, you could come up with more than five, but here they are to begin.

Make It Simple

No one needs anything more complicated in their lives. We have plenty of that already.

So when it comes to organizing, keep things as simple as you possibly can.

Putting all the canned goods together is good; separating them by category is even better, so you have all the fruits together, etc.

But there’s no need to alphabetize them.

However, if they have a “use by” date, then you do want to make sure the oldest ones are in front so they get used first.

Make It Easier to Put Away

That is, make it easier to put away than it is to get out.

For instance, you could put all of your nail polishes (or your kid’s crayons) into one box or basket. Looking through them until you find the right color is something you’re most likely willing to do.

And when it comes to putting them away, all you have to do is put them all back in the basket. No order, no certain way. As long as they are contained, they’re good.

And that makes it more likely that they will get put back where they belong.

Put Things Where They’re Needed

You wouldn’t store your pots and pans far away from the stove, would you? Or your clothes in the front closet?

So do the same with other things you are organizing.

As much as you can, find a place to store things where they are used. And remember, sometimes there is more than one place.

For instance, at our house, we have nail files everywhere. In the family room and living room, where we sit, in our bedroom, and in the bathroom, along with the other nail accessories, like clippers.

You’ll find lots of pairs of readers around our house too. 😉

Purge Before You Organize

As long as you are going through things and organizing them, take a few minutes to weed them out as well.

If you’re sorting through the junk drawer, do all those pens work?

Are all of the socks worth keeping, or do some have holes?

And be sure to check the date on your spices before you put them in order. Maybe, like me, you need to start buying your spices in places where you can buy a teeny bit, and not at Costco anymore!

Shop the House First

One of the exciting things about organizing (other than the great feeling when it’s done) is finding nice containers to store things.

A lot of us have the tendency to see all of the nice new baskets and bins in Target, buy a bunch, and then go home and “organize”.

The problem with that is that you bought without a real purpose.

Sure, you’re organizing, but what?

What will fit into that box or basket or bin perfectly? Will it fit in the space it needs to fit into?

Instead, sort through your stuff, figure out what size of container you will need to hold what you have (and what will fit into the space), and then go looking for it.

Look for empty (or not) boxes, baskets, and bins in your house.

And don’t overlook little used things like serving dishes. I have several large ones that rarely get used, especially now that our family has shrunk. Instead, I use them for organizing.

One large casserole dish is now being used for my plastic lids.

And if you can’t find anything, take measurements, write them down, and then go shopping!

Now Get Busy!

You have my 5 rules for organizing, and hopefully I’ve motivated you to get started.

So pick an area (not too big), pick a time, and get busy!

And send me some pictures of your work once it’s done. Then you can motivate me!

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