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How to Clean the Bathroom without the Gross Out Factor



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The Worst Job in the House

Is it possible to clean the bathroom without encountering the gross out factor?

How to Clean the Bathroom without the Gross Out Factor OH

I think so.

It just requires a little more attention, I guess you would say.

A little attention, spent each day, leads to less attention needed by the end of the week, which equals no gross out factor!

Once a Day

We’re in and out of our bathrooms all day.

I don’t know about your house, but our downstairs bath gets far more use than either of the ones upstairs. Sometimes, especially in the summer, I can clean it twice in one day!

Now I’m not talking about deep cleaning, just a once over to make sure everything is clean and presentable, and as germ free as possible.

Since no one brushes their teeth downstairs, I don’t have to contend with dried up toothpaste (or shaving cream, for that matter) in the sink. But for the upstairs ones, that can be a problem.

I just spray them with either cleaner or plain water and let it sit for a few minutes.

You know, one of the worst things we do is try to clean too quickly after we spray our cleaners! Let them do the job they were made to do! Spray, wait at least a couple of minutes, and then clean.

I first pour some bleach in the toilet bowl to let it sit while I am doing the rest of the cleaning.

After I put the cleaner in the toilet bowl, I spray the sink and outside the toilet.

Then I go back and wipe down the mirror and the sink. The mirror might not need it every day. Some times I use my hand towel for this, and then add a fresh one before I leave the bathroom.

You always want to clean the most sanitary thing first and then go from there. So mirror, then sink, then toilet. Usually I use a different paper towel for the toilet and never a cloth towel of any kind!

The toilet gets wiped down with paper towels. I find that often the biggest part of the mess on our toilet is dust, so sometimes I will wipe the dust off before I spray the cleaner.

I clean the whole toilet and the floor directly around it. When you do it daily, it’s not so bad.

If you have to, you can use an old toothbrush or Q-tips to clean small areas. And please wear gloves!

Now use your toilet brush to swish out and clean the toilet bowl. Be sure to get the undersides of the rim. We have hard water where we live, and they can get clogged.

Once it’s clean, flush, then rinse your brush in the clean water in the bowl. Spray the brush with a little cleaner to disinfect it (vinegar is a disinfectant) and then place it between the seat and the rim with the brush over the bowl. This will hold the brush in place and let it drip dry into the toilet. That way you’re not accumulating gross water in your toilet brush container.

Throw your paper towels in the bathroom trash, empty it, and add a new bag and you’re done!

clean bathroom
Don’t you love these bathroom pictures? Pinterest worthy, but not realistic!

Honestly, this looks like a lot to do, but it really isn’t.

The Weekly Clean

If you’ve been keeping up with your daily cleaning schedule for the bathroom, then the weekly cleaning shouldn’t be bad at all!

If you have a bathroom sink with toothpaste or shaving cream dried on, spray it with some cleaner – or even plain water – and let it sit for a while before cleaning.

In addition to what you do each day, I would add:

  • Sweeping and mopping the floor. You may need to sweep once in a while during the week too, especially downstairs.
  • Washing the rugs and bathmats.
  • Cleaning the tub and shower if you have them. I have a shower spray I use each day after I shower to cut down on the amount of cleaning I have to do each week.
  • Wiping down the fixtures that don’t normally get cleaned daily, like towel bars, the toilet paper holder, and any other fixtures, like a toothbrush holder or soap dish.
  • Wiping down the light fixtures, light switches, and door handles. If you use a vinegar based cleaner, or rubbing alcohol, you are also disinfecting.
  • Now is also the time that you can check on supplies like toilet paper and soap to make sure that there is enough.

See? That wasn’t so gross after all!

And FYI: I would wash curtains and shower curtains seasonally.

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