April 12

How to Plan the Week with Your Goals in Mind

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Do You Have a Plan for the Week?

If you have a job, then part of your week is already planned for you.

How to Plan the Week with Your Goals in Mind

But what about your goals?

Do you set goals for the week?

Maybe you have a to do list with things that need to get done. Those can certainly be considered goals.

But most peoples to do list is a sort of never ending set of tasks.

How to Set a Goal

Your objective can be something challenging like training for a marathon, but it could also be as mundane as making sure the bathroom gets cleaned or the floors get mopped.

Throwing it on a to do list is sort of like a crap shoot; it might get done, it might not.

If you were training for a marathon, you would plan months in advance, scheduling in runs, work outs, and whatever else goes into it.

You don’t need to do that much to get the bathroom cleaned, but if you don’t set aside time for it, it may not get done. After all, it’s not the highlight of anyone’s day.

There are all kinds of rules about setting goals: breaking them down, being able to measure them and know when you’ve accomplished them. When you’re planning for a marathon, those things are important.

Cleaning the bathroom? Not so much is needed in terms of metrics. When it’s clean, you’ll know.

The Sunday Plan

I’m a big fan of the Sunday Plan.

Basically, you take some time – about an hour or so – and sit down with your planner or calendar, a pen (or many, in my case), and a beverage of your choice.

Take a look at the week ahead.

Identify or block out any time that you’re going to be busy. Maybe you work until 5:00 every day and then Thursday night you have an event to attend. Be sure to include anyone else and their schedule if you’re a part of it: driving kids around, picking up something for your elderly neighbor, etc.

You want to be prepared, not surprised, by the coming week.

Now look at the time that’s left. What are you going to do with it?

Now cleaning the bathroom or mopping the floors are most likely part of your “job” at home. But you need to account for them in your time that’s left.

And be realistic.

Find some ways to get some of that housework done during the week. Schedule the rest for a day when you have plenty of free time.

And then, schedule in some time for you.

Maybe you’ve never dreamed of running a marathon, but there must be something you’d like to explore.

Put your Sunday Plan to work with that goal in mind.

A Few Tips

The Sunday Plan doesn’t have to be on a Sunday. Plan when it makes the most sense to you. The important thing is to plan and to make your goals a part of it.

Adding yourself into the weekly schedule sets a good example: to your loved ones, your friends, and anyone else who notices.

If you can – if it’s that kind of goal – set a few milestones for you to aim for along the way.

Two or three things a day are plenty to expect to accomplish, especially if you’re working full time.

Be sure to write everything down and plan it out time wise in your planner or on a calendar. And if you don’t use or like either one, I’ve got you covered.

I made a weekly schedule printable just for you. You’ll find it in the Resource Library. Just enter the password from my emails to gain access to all that’s in there.

And if you’re not a subscriber yet, you can sign up below.

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