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No matter what you’re doing, whether it’s styling your hair, making a quick dinner, or cleaning and organizing the house, you need the right tools to do it with.

These are some of my recommended tools, because I love them and use them.


We have two of these installed in our garage right outside the kitchen. I really could use a third. I think I buy mops and brooms for the same reason I own so many planners: one day I’ll get the right one and all my problems will be solved, instantly! This won’t solve all of your problems, but it will keep your mops and brooms nice and neat.

This is a great buy! And they come in different colors too! I like the plain beige ones. I love neutrals.

I have these in a small bookcase/cubby thing in my living room. They hide my extra notebooks and office related things.

I also have a set in our master closet. We don’t use dressers or chests of drawers in our house. I found out early on that hanging all that I could saved messes in the long run, because you can see everything. I use these baskets for socks, underwear, my purses, and my husband’s t-shirts.

I also have them throughout the house in closets to store various things:

  • Mittens, gloves, hats, and scarves
  • Hair stuff, like my blowdryer, extra products I don’t use all the time, and dry shampoo
  • Extras (Costco) of things like lotion, deodorant, etc

I’m not sure what size I have of this – it does come in different ones – but I’m pretty sure it’s the large one. We have a deep pantry, which is really nice, but things like cans can often get lost. This gives me a much better idea of what I have on hand.

This may not quite be organizing, but these bags get a lot of use at our house! I first bought them when my dad was living with us and he was sick. It made it easier for him to add his dirty clothes to it and for me to take them downstairs.

I keep one hanging on the back of the door to the basement for our kitchen laundry and we all have one for camping or traveling. It makes it so much easier to take out what needs to be washed when you get home, and to keep it separate in the meantime.


I use a number of things for cleaning. If you’ve checked out the Library (you can get access by signing up for my emails below), you know that I make a lot of my cleaners.

However, I still use commercial cleaners too. I have an account with Grove (not an affiliate link) and I order a lot from them. I’ve found that their prices are comparable to both Target and Walmart, and home delivery is a big plus for me.

The ones I use the most are Mrs. Meyers and Method. I also like Caldrea because everything smells so nice. None of those are affiliate links.

Method makes a great degreasing cleaner for the stove, and I love their products for dusting furniture and cleaning wood floors.

I use a lot of Mrs. Meyers. Countertop cleaner, bathroom cleaners, and even their lotion sometimes. Caldrea’s countertop cleaner and dish soap also get a lot of use because they smell so good. Even with my granite countertops, I have never had a problem with either brand.

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