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Does Your Home Need to be Decluttered?

One of the reasons that you’re probably feeling so overwhelmed is that your home is cluttered.

It’s easy for that to happen because clutter is so sneaky. It creeps up on you, little by little. And you never even notice until it’s gotten out of control. You get so used to things being there that you stop seeing them.

One sure way to find out if your room is too cluttered is to take a picture of two. And if you’re very brave, upload it to your computer so you can see it – nice and big. Things that you don’t notice while you’re in the room will pop out there.

If you’re like me, there are certain things that you just can’t resist buying, even if you don’t need them. But where are you going to put them when you get home? That can lead to clutter.

And then there are bad habits, like not putting things back where they belong. Or even worse – when things don’t have a home – no designated place to put them when they’re not in use.

One day you look around, and your home has become a cluttered mess.

I have a theory – that people like you and I weren’t born with the “clean gene”. It’s just like when they were handing out patience, and I got tired of waiting in line and left.


Getting Things Under Control

When your whole home feels cluttered, where do you begin? It seems like an impossible task.

It feels like any attempt you make at clearing the clutter is either not enough, or quickly goes back to the way things were.

And sometimes, as we declutter, we end up making an even bigger mess.

Have you ever been in that spot? You had good intentions of cleaning out a closet, so (like Marie Kondo says) you took everything out to sort through it. 

But now it’s dinner time, there’s stuff everywhere, and you have an even bigger mess than when you started.

What can you do?

I’ve Got the Solution!

I’ve got a system for you, and we’re going to tackle that clutter in a different way this time.

cluttered house

You’re going to need some patience, and you’re going to have to get tough, but when it’s done, all you will need is a little routine maintenance to keep things running smoothly from now on.

And anyone who’s not on board better get out of your way!

Cleaning Will be a Breeze!

Once your home is decluttered, you’ll feel so much better, and then we’re going to put some systems in place to keep it clean and running smoothly, no matter what life throws at you!

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