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When was the Last Time You Cleaned Out Your Fridge?



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Be Honest. When Did You Clean Your Fridge?

I don’t think my fridge ever really looks clean.

I try, but it seems like spills happen when the door is closed and no one is around.

And I don’t have little kids around! Mine are grown and my one grandchild is 300 miles away!

When was the Last Time You Cleaned Out Your Fridge_

So you’re safe with me.

When was the last time you cleaned your fridge?

And really, even if it was last week, I bet it could use it again.

In fact, it should probably be a weekly thing, just before you go grocery shopping when it’s nice and empty.

Why Don’t We Clean Our Fridge More Often?

I can think of a couple of reasons.

First, there’s too much stuff in there. Even if there’s no food, there are more condiments than three families could use. They outgrew the door a long time ago and now they’re everywhere.

Second, leftovers.

Leftovers of what?

Nobody knows anymore but you feel bad throwing them out. I mean, at one time, they were good food.

Now they’re science experiments.

And when we do get around to cleaning the fridge? It’s like an all day project.

There Must be an Easier Way

First you have to take all of the stuff out of the fridge. And you probably need some coolers to store the food that’s still good.

Next you’re going to need some heavy duty trash bags (or just grab the cans from outside) because when you get done throwing everything away, the bag won’t hold it and you won’t be able to lift it.

Then make sure the dishwasher and the sink are empty because you’re going to have lots of dirty dishes.

And make sure it’s a nice day so you can open the windows because when you start dumping that food into the trash….yuck!

Oh, and then there’s the question of recycling. Of course you want to do your part and recycle as much as you can.

You just don’t want to have to empty 47 bottles and jars of who knows what into the garbage and then rinse the containers out.

So Is There a Solution Somewhere?

Well, yes. Of course!

Two, actually.

First, you can make it a habit to keep up with things on a more regular basis.

Wipe down the inside of the fridge – what you can reach anyway, even if it’s just the edges of the shelves and the bottom – as you’re cleaning up after dinner each night. Maybe every now and then, when it gets a little emptier, you can reach further in and clean.

And then, make sure to do a better cleaning before you go shopping each week.

The second method is sort of a rotating cleaning system.

Each week you tackle one shelf of the fridge and really clean it. You should be able to put most of the things on that shelf onto another one for a bit.

Not counting the door, I could get through my fridge in 4 weeks, or about a month. So in a little over a month, you will have cleaned the whole thing and the shelf you started with is probably ready to be cleaned again.

How to Clean the Fridge

Ideally, you would take each shelf out, wash it with warm soapy water, rinse, dry, and replace.

If you’re doing the quicker method, a microfiber cloth wet with just water should do. Baking soda is perfect for any scrubbing you may need to do, and it’s gentle, so no worries there. Plus it deodorizes, if that’s a problem.

If your drawers aren’t too bad, just wipe them out. I always line them with clean paper towels when I’m done.

And I find that the door is the worst of all when it comes to stuck on gunk. The easiest way to tackle that is to wet a paper towel generously and lay it over the area if you can. You want to soak as much as you can off so you don’t have to scrub.

Keep up some regular maintenance on your refrigerator, and you’ll never have to resort to what my former neighbors used to do: get a dolly, wheel it out to the driveway, and hit it with the power washer.

True story.

Some Extra Help

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