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You Should Make Some Lists and Keep Them



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Making Lists and Keeping Them?

Now that I think about it, that headline seems a little ridiculous.

You Should Make Some Lists and Keep Them

Telling anyone, especially a woman, to make a list and keep it.

Can you even guess how many lists you’ve got going right now?

There’s a list for the groceries, and the to do list – and you might have more than one, if you work or volunteer – and who knows what other kind of list.

And keep them?

Well of course you do! They’re probably everywhere!

Actually, I Meant Another Kind of List

The other lists we keep are important, and you should keep doing them.

And I’ve always said that you could almost keep the same grocery list week after week and things would still be OK.

But the lists I’m talking about are more permanent ones.

You must have a million lists for Christmas, and maybe half that for Thanksgiving. (And if those aren’t the holidays you celebrate, I apologize. Just substitute with ones that you do celebrate.)

My neighbor always makes one for her big 4th of July BBQ, and since Halloween is my favorite holiday, I go all out for it, so I have a list or two for that.

There are birthdays, other holidays, other celebrations, vacations.

There are a lot of things that happen in our lives on a pretty regular basis. And many of them require a list of some kind.

Just think how wonderful it would be if someone could hand you a pre-made list the next time you have to plan a wedding or an anniversary party!

Actually, there is someone who can do that. Her name is Jennifer, and she’s the genius behind List Planit. Jennifer has thought of more lists than you and I could put together in a year!

But You Can Do Your Own

Everyone does their thing their own way. Things that are important to you may not be a consideration for someone else.

You can make your own book of lists.

I kind of like the sound of that; it sounds important, and it is.

So here is what you do:

  • Start with a list and maybe a calendar
  • List every event that you need to prepare for in some way: holidays, birthdays, etc
  • Now decide: do you work better with a spiral notebook or a binder? You can put things in and take them out of a binder and rearrange them, but all you can do with a spiral notebook is rip them out. Still, I prefer spiral notebooks because they’re easier to manage than a 3 ring binder. Your choice.

So get whatever supplies you want together (that’s a whole other list for me) and let’s get started!

Your Book of Lists

In case I haven’t been clear – quite possible – we make the same lists over and over each year, almost the way we make almost the same grocery list week after week.

A better way is to make a list once, keep it where you can find it – that’s why it’s a book – and then refer to it and make notes as you go along, year after year.

Actually, this could become something that gets handed down, or at least brings back memories of times past.

You could add notes about each holiday celebration each year and pictures.

Or not.

You could actually even just add this set of lists to your phone and that would work too.

My Suggestions

I guess a binder would be the best option for what I’m proposing, but there are all kinds of options out there, so I’m going to let that go.

First, of course, start in chronological order.

Do you celebrate New Year’s Day? If so, that’s your first entry.

I would use dividers of some kind to make it easier to get from one list to another, and it might be easier to label the dividers with the name of what you’re planning for, rather than the month or date.

Easter comes to mind. What date is it this year? March or April? If you just labeled it Easter, problem solved.

Leave several pages for notes and corrections and additions. There will always be things you forget, things that change.

You could also add notes like “no more paper lanterns” for the 4th of July or “need more lights” for Christmas.

In the end, I think this could become a treasured book.

I would love to see what you come up with.

And you might want to check the Library. If there’s nothing you can use there now, there’s sure to be, sooner or later.

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